High end catering for high end clients

Catering made simple

let us make catering order simple for you , just tell us how many people and we will set the menu for you , its that simple please choose from the setup below , OR simply check out our catering menu and let us know your preffered entrees

$15 per person


  • Choose 2 protin entree
  • Choose 2 salad
  • Choose 2 appetizer
  • Choose 2 side
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$16 per person


  • Choose 3 protin entree
  • Choose 3 salads
  • Choose 3 appetizer
  • Choose 3 side
  • Choose 1 dessert
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$16 per person

Lunch Box

  • choose 1 sandwich
  • choose 1 salad
  • choose 1 dessert
  • comes one box per person
  • utincels included
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Served Bufett Style

Protein, Chicken Breast, Au Poivre (7 oz wt per order, Green Peppercorn Sauce on the side)

$ 5.95 Chicken, rosemary oil, served with green peppercorn sauce of shallot, green peppercorn, chicken stock, butter, bacon

Chicken Coq au Vin (6 oz wt per order)

$ 5.95 Chicken, red wine, onion, chicken stock, mushrooms, bacon, butter, grilled red onion

Chicken, Braised in tomato & lemon sauce (7 oz wt per order)

$ 5.95 Chicken thigh, tomato, rosemary olive oil, lemon

Chicken, Grilled, with Cilantro Pesto (7 oz wt per order)

$ 5.95 Chicken slice, rosemary oil, cilantro pesto, olive oil , spices

Chicken fettuccini Coq au vin (8 oz wt per order)

$ 5.95 Grilled chicken , red wine ,fettuccini , grilled onions , shiitake mashrooms ,bacon

Pork Shoulder, Braised (8 oz wt per order)

$ 5.95 Slow cooked Pork shoulder, apples, onion, carrot, rosemary, pork stock

Salmon, Pepper Cream Sauce (6 oz wt per order)

$ 7.50 Atlantic Salmon, red bell pepper sauce , stock, cream, rosemary oil , chives

Protein, Vegan, Tofu, Pesto with tomatoes and squash (6 oz wt per order)

$ 5.95 Tofu, cherry tomatoes, corn, butternut squash, pesto (rosemary olive oil, basil, salt, pepper)

Protein, Vegan, White Bean Casserole (1 cup per order)

$ 4.95 Navy beans, fennel, sundried tomato, scallions ,lemon zest in rosemary tomato sauce
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Organic greens from local farms



Served buffet style / per person

Salad, Cherry Tomato Quinoa (1 cup per order, ricotta cheese & lemon vinaigrette dressing on the side)

$ 4.50 Organic Quinoa, tomato, yellow corn, Organic baby arugula, served with ricotta cheese and lemon parsley dressing

Salad, Fresh artichoke and feta salad (1 cup per order, balsamic dressing and feta cheese on the side)

$ 4.50 Organic Mixed greens, sun dried tomato, red onion, artichoke hearts served with feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette dressing on the side

Heirloom Tomato (feta cheese & lemon dressing on the side)

$ 4.50 Organic baby Arugula, tomatoes, corn, basil pesto served with fresh feta cheese and lemon vinaigrette dressing

Nicoise ahi tuna (1 cup per order, shallot champagne dressing on the side)

$ 5.95 Seared ahi tuna, hard boiled eggs, green beans, fingerling potatoes, organic baby arugula, cherry tomato, nicoise olives, served with lemon vinaigrette on the side

Organic Mixed Greens, with Grapes (1 cup per order)

$ 4.50 Mixed greens, grapes, cilantro served with cheese, vinaigrette dressing and feta on the side

Organic Quinoa, Confetti (1 cup per order)

$ 4.50 Corn, peas, Organic baby arugula, roasted red pepper, organic quinoa, served with balsamic dressing

Roasted Red Beet and Goat Cheese Quinoa, 1 cup per order (goat cheese and lemon vinaigrette dressing on the side)

$ 4.50 Roasted red beets, mandarin, and organic baby arugula; served with fresh goat cheese and lemon vinaigrette dressing on the side

Shiitake Mushroom Quinoa (1 cup per order, parmesan cheese and lemon parsley dressing on the side)

$ 4.50 Shiitake mushroom, green peas, baby arugula, parsley, served with shaved parmesan and lemon parsley dressing on the side

Vegetarian Watermelon Feta (cheese on the side)

$ 4.50 Organic greens ,Watermelon, mint, served with feta cheese and shallot dressing on the side

Organic spinach apple salad

$ 4.50 Organic baby spinach , green apples with blue cheese and roasted walnuts on the side

Grilled Vegetable Platter(cold)(1 cup per order, basil pesto on the side)

$ 4.50 Grilled Green zucchini, Grilled baby eggplant, red bell pepper, served with basil pesto

English breakfast

$ 7.50 Beef . spiced bread crumbs . chips or mashed potatoes . aioli sauce
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Served buffet style /per person



Delicious and mouth watering delicacies

Cabbage, Braised (1 cup per order)

$ 3.50 Green Cabbage brasied with rosemary ,olive oil and spices

Carrots, Baby (1 cup per order)

$ 3.50 Roasted Baby carrots, rosemary olive oil

Grains ,Couscous (1 cup per order)

$ 3.50 Couscous with rosemary and olive oil

Roasted Fennel

$ 3.50 Roasted fennel with rosemary and olive oil

Lentils, French (1 cup per order)

$ 3.50 Green Lentils, vegetable stock, roasted sweet potato and carrots

Polenta, Truffled (1 cup per order)

$ 3.50 Polenta, milk, cream, truffle oil, butter

Potatoes, Fingerling (1 cup per order)

$ 3.50 Yukon yellow Potatoes, olive oil, rosemary

Potatoes, Mashed (1 cup per order)

$ 3.50 Potatoes mashed , milk, butter

Risotto ( rice )(1 cup per order, arugula pesto (contains dairy)

$ 3.50 Risotto, onions, white wine, vegetable stock, rosemary, carrot, sweet potato, celery with arugula pesto

Brown rice with Seasonal vegetables

$ 3.50 Brown rice , seasonal vegetables , rosemary and seasoning

Pan seared organic Spinach (1 cup per order)

$ 3.50 Pan seared organic spinach with seasoning

Potato au Gratin (1 cup per order)

$ 3.50 Oven roasted Sliced Potato, milk, cream, gruyere cheese


Gourmet Sandwiches

Freshly made to order with focaccia

Angus Beef Filet (Au poivre)

$ 10.95 With grilled shitake mushroom and green peppercorn cream cheese

Albacore Tuna Sandwich

$ 9.95 With romaine coleslaw, mayonnaise, hardboiled egg and nicoise olive

Chicken rotisserie sandwich

$ 9.95 Grilled rotisserie chicken , red onions , with tomatillo sauce

Roasted turkey BLT

$ 9.50 With bacon butter, tomato and mix greens


$ 9.50 With homemade fig marmalade, blue cheese and baby arugula

Tomato mozzarella

$ 9.50 With aged balsamic butter and basil pesto

Soppresatta salami

$ 9.50 Salami With roasted red pepper, brie cheese and greens

Chicken salad sandwich

$ 9.50 Chicken with green apples , celery , blood orange pure , rosemary and seasoning

Smoked Salmon on multigrain bread

$ 9.50 Lemon sour cream, pickled red onion and fried capers

dungeness crab cake sandwich

$ 11.50 panko breaded fresh crab , organic baby arugula , lemon and spices ( contain egg )


Buffet style / per person( 8oz)

Beef Penne bologmesa pasta

$ 8.50 Ground beef ,Penne, carrot, celery, onions, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese

chicken Penne chipotle pasta

$ 7.50 Penne ,chicken ,house-made chipotle sauce, zucchini , chives and parmesan

chicken Penne corn sauce pasta

$ 7.50 Penne ,chicken ,house-made corn sauce, zucchini , basil and parmesan

Chicken fettuccini Coq au vin

$ 7.50 Grilled chicken , red wine ,fettuccini , grilled onions , shiitake mashrooms ,bacon

Butternut Squash Potato Gnocchi

$ 8.50 With butternut squash, rosemary and tomato sauce

Braised Organic Chicken Potato Gnocchi

$ 8.50 With braised organic chicken, fennel, lemon and tomato sauce

Braised Beef TRI-TIP Potato Gnocchi

$ 9.50 With braised beef Tri-tip, grilled onion , Roasted red and green pepper and mushrooms


Enjoy the very best in house made desserts



served with coffee or tea

Apple and Fruit crumble

$ 3.50 Fuji apple , crumbs , seasonal fruits , cinnamon

Walnut Baklava

$ 2.50 with walnuts , honey

Cookies Assortment

$ 1.50 Assortment Fresh house baked cookies

Seasonal fruit salad

$ 2.50 mixed fruits hand cut